What is Indentity?

Indentity is a young and fresh internet company, founded in September 2010 by Dave de Fijter from The Hague, The Netherlands. The name Indentity is a combination of indenting (or internet) and identity.

What does Indentity do?

Indentity creates internet solutions. We make products of our own but we also create complete solutions for businesses and work together with design- and marketing-agency's to provide technical implementations for webapplications.

Indentity is specialized in webdevelopment using Python, Django, HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery. We can give you advice, work out a design for you and develop your web application; But we can also provide you with extra manpower in your development team when needed.

What's the power of Indentity?

Indentity differentiates itself by focussing on technique, agility and quality.

Technique is key for Indentity. We think a good web application stands or falls with the quality of the code used to build it. Indentity uses the latest proven techniques and innovations to make sure your application won't feel outdated after a year of usage. We focus most on the safety, performance and maintainability of your application so it will last a lifetime.

Indentity tends te deploy in quick iterations, making sure everyone involved knows the current status of the project and where it's heading. Indentity is only satisfied if everything works as designed, no compromises.

Who is Dave?

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