What we do


An advanced web application, social media integration, a new intranet, a mobile app, a temporary campaign or a new website for your company. Indentity did it all before and knows all about the possibilities and possible pitfalls. We would love to help you with your idea's.


The design of a web application is a key factor in it's success. We aim to deliver beautiful applications; And by beautiful we mean not only a good design but good code and a great user experience as well.


We at Indentity use the latest techniques when we work on your web application. Code comes first at Indentity; By doing this we ensure you will enjoy your new product for years to come.


Indentity creates innovative web-solutions, we mainly do this for startups but we work with established companies as well.

We are specialised in building large and complex web-applications like e-learning software or travel and comparison sites.

We can support you in all aspects of your project and offer you a complete solution, from design to deployment.


Indentity uses...


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